A New Chapter in Strasbourg


Bonjour! A new update in life means I’ve needed to update my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and now this blog. I left Brussels at the end of July, having completed my internship with the Greens, and now I am currently undertaking another with the communications department of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg!


The Council of Europe is a separate organisation to the European Union, but cooperates a lot. It has three founding principles which were constantly mentioned in the induction talks: human rights, democracy, and rule of law.


In other words, it’s a pretty crazy opportunity to have been offered, and even after interning in the EU it’s still pretty shocking that this northern lass from a small city is making her mark on institutions she never thought she’d step foot in.

I’m working with audiovisuals with the communications team, which is pretty exciting as I have zero experience with videos etc so a great learning opportunity. Plus it will be fun every day thinking “I have no idea what I’m doing” which is me in pretty much all aspects of life. Adulthood…


I visited Strasbourg a few months ago for work during the last internship (and I had received the offer so was contemplating it and also wondering how the city would be to live in), and it is just as pretty and Disneyesque as I remember. I am in serious need of finding a good French class to help me along, but ordering coffee I have pretty much mastered.


Still settling in, but my living situation comes with a lovely flatmate (and landlord/lady! Result!), and the other trainees all seem pretty darn nice. So here’s hoping this will be another great five months…

And then to get a long term job after and stay put somewhere for once…

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