Baden-Baden, Germany


One of the pluses of living in Strasbourg, is that it borders on Germany (and Switzerland is not so far away either), so you can plan a last minute trip to another country for the price of less than 15 euros return on FlixBus. Wow, who would have thought freedom of movement could actually be, well, freeing?


Shutting up about politics for once in my life, Baden-Baden, which I think translates to “Bath Bath”, and is different to Baden which can be found in Switzerland. Instead it is a small city in the Black Forest region of Germany, which you can see stretching out as a dense forest all around.


It is famous for it’s spas, and has a few to choose from if you want a relaxing trip. Or, if you’re poor and lacking a swimsuit as we were, you can visit the ruins of the Roman bath for a little bit of history. The local water is supposed to be amazing, so no wonder its culture of baths and spas date back to ancient history.


We started to walk up to the castle, and took in the amazing views of the region which inspired the Brothers Grimm, sadly cut short by needing to get our coach back to Strasbourg (downside of FlixBus is the not always great schedules). We finished the trip with a hot chocolate, and then a delayed coach back to get our Flammkeuchen in Strasbourg.

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