Playing with Otis

And by playing I mean dangling a treat so he would actually get into the shot. I swear he knew I wanted to take a photo of him so he deliberately ignored my calls.

The Five Rise Locks, Bingley, Yorkshire

I nearly dropped my camera into the canal and the result being I somehow managed to scratch up this Polaroid snap. Which is annoying, but I like the lightning effect it created, plus the scratches and the expired nature of the film makes it look even more vintage. The five rise locks of the Liverpool-Leeds [...]

The Beauty of Genesis (and why Sebastião Salgado is now one of my fave photographers)

Olá! I am currently writing this post from Brazil after submitting my final assignments of my degree. If the giant, eye-like tower in the photo above is unfamiliar to you- it is a famous landmark of Curitiba that belongs to MON (Museu Oscar Niemeyer). Niemeyer was a famous Brazilian architect who is said to have designed [...]

Poisoned Paradise Polaroids

A few months ago The Impossible Project released a new range of film for 600 type polaroid cameras (see here). Three choices for the 'Poisoned Paradise' theme: colour film with different patterned frames of tiny snakes entwining around exotic flowers. It was love at first sight as I became over excited and ordered the triple pack to test all [...]