Nomad Songs

Every life, every moment deserves an awesome and fitting soundtrack. Although I think calling myself a nomad is a little pretentious, and not true, I haven't really lived at "home" in a long time. Nowhere I can think of as permanent, and when half of my belongings are in boxes somewhere in Yorkshire, and I [...]

Wanderlust Playlist

Recently I wrote a post on novels that encourage wanderlust, and I mentioned how just listening to music can often leave you wanting to hop on a plane or drive off into the sunset for new adventures. So I knew it wouldn't be long before I wrote a post on my favourite collection of songs for [...]

Bass is Best

And by bass I mean the guitar. I haven't picked up the instrument in god knows how long, but I took lessons for 5 years since my 13th birthday when I was given a very green, Irish looking bass that I named Paddy (how original). It was a change from my violin lessons that I had [...]