Nomad Songs

Every life, every moment deserves an awesome and fitting soundtrack.

Although I think calling myself a nomad is a little pretentious, and not true, I haven’t really lived at “home” in a long time. Nowhere I can think of as permanent, and when half of my belongings are in boxes somewhere in Yorkshire, and I am in Spain, and in a few months time I’ll be somewhere else, at times I can feel a little lacking in roots. But I don’t complain, I love the feeling of freedom and being able to decide my life on my terms.

Although I am expecting to be living at my Dad’s for a while after graduating whilst I job hunt (he seems thrilled), I like the idea of getting work experience in different places before I find a city to truly call my home. We can dream..

Or alternatively, I will just save every penny and save my free time for travels.

A while back I wrote a post Wanderlust Playlist for a soundtrack to accompany the love of travelling. But nomad is different, for a nomad is more of a permanent wanderer who never stays in one place for too long. These are songs which I feel encapsulate the moments anyone feels like a nomad, for any reason. I like songs that suggest home can be found anywhere, in the people we meet. To me thats love (friendship, romantic, familial etc), and thats what makes any nomad or wanderer feel safe and happy.

Home – Gabrielle Aplin

House by the Sea – Moddi

People Help the People – Birdy

Hopeless Wanderer – Mumford and Sons

Wanderlust – Frank Turner

I am Disappeared – Frank Turner

Home – Phillip Phillips

My Silver Lining – First Aid Kit

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