10 Pains of Being a Girl

Starbucks...hugs...twerking...the worshipping of Ryan Gosling. Whatever comes to mind when you think of girls, we're all quite different from one another. But there are a few things that unite us all. Annoying things. Things that make us tell ourselves that we deserve that drink/chocolate/item on sale/sleeping in til noon. Because we really do. Hair Everywhere [...]

Can Cultures Benefit One Another?

I have just stumbled upon this quote, and I think it's quite brilliant. Languages are deeply ingrained into each country's culture - and even though no two countries that speak the same language have the same culture, it is an excellent platform for gaining deeper insight into a culture. And when you have looked and [...]

The Low-Maintenance Life

I generally think of myself as a low-maintenance person. My daily make up routine usually consists of eyeliner, lipstick aaaaand usually that's it. It's useful for me to have a small makeup collection consisting mostly of the essentials, and a few bonus items usually left forgotten at the bottom of the bag. If you need to [...]

Thoughts On The F Word

Recently my sister and her boyfriend came to visit me, and whilst out in the evening they started asking me questions about feminism, and whether I consider myself a feminist. I said of course I do, I want gender equality after all. My sister mentioned she had recently started thinking about feminism, and when I [...]