Summer Solstice at Stonehenge


Bigger rock stars than found at Glastonbury…

Stonehenge, usually closed off throughout the year, during solstice celebrations allows anyone to flock together among the ancient stones to witness the sunset and the sunrise. Joining in has always been on my bucket list, and although we didn’t stay for the sunrise (if you ever want to do that make sure you prepare well, it gets cold!), we witnessed all the drumming, chanting, and selfie taking as the sun went down.

318 334

There were plenty of worshippers of paganism to be found among the families, those who wanted an “out of this world” experience, and those who were there for the festival atmosphere. One pagan started a group chanting, and then proposed.


341   353 371

After it became dark and my camera was running low on battery, I still haven’t figured out all the functions but created some ghostly/Doctor Who’s T.A.R.D.I.S effect somehow…

372 378

Even though I turned up with both my dslr and my polaroid cameras, I have to say the experience may have been better if cameras were not allowed on site. I, like most people of this day and age, enjoy a few selfies and social media posting, but it seemed that was what most people only cared for. In one of Britain’s most famous landmarks, during an event that people expect to be brought together in, everyone was pushing and jostling with their selfie sticks and phones. When people started chanting “We are one”, the irony was strong. It reminded me of why I bought a polaroid camera 2 years ago: to capture things in the moment, and to not constantly be looking through a lens, but to also put it away and enjoy myself.

Still, all that being said, the sky was clear enough to see stars and the countryside air was great for my city dweller lungs. And I got to walk around ancient, incredible history.


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