Summer Clean

I know that every year people get all excited for a "spring clean", but personally spring has never been that for me. Whilst in education it's always been a time of much stress, exams and deadlines so there was always little time to organise and sort ones life out. Plus these past couple of years [...]

Bees and Lavender

I received a new lens for my DSLR for my birthday (55mm-200mm) which calls for more fun and experimenting. There is a lavender bush just outside by dad's house which the bees seem to love. Great for snapping and capturing the beauty of bees in detail without risking getting stung!

Festival Tips 101

I have been to a few different festivals since I was 16, and as a result of getting stuck in mud, rained on, sun burnt and lost more than I'd like to recall, I have picked up a few tips and lessons learnt. Now that the British festival season is upon us I thought it would [...]