London: A Melting Pot of Style


Under no circumstances could I be considered a ‘fashionista’, or someone who oozes style and is always two steps ahead of the fashion pack. Being a student on a budget my wardrobe consists mostly of Primark, accompanied by cheap market finds or what I found when spending too long on eBay. It ranges from band tees, shorts and tights combos I lived in during my mid teens, and the colourful dresses I buy in a panic when I realise I can’t spend summer holidays wearing constant black. You won’t find designer pieces, or something I made myself. Nor am I a collector of vintage (unless you count the leather jacket my dad gave me from his punk days that makes me look like a giant sofa).

In spite of this, since moving to The Big Smoke I’ve noticed I have definitely become more conscious of what I wear, what impression it gives, and how I want to look. This is partly a result of heading deeper into adulthood, and understanding first impressions hold more importance than we would wish. Adulthood also has gradually created more confidence in me to more or less accept how I look (think upside down mop: long, thin, with a messy head of hair), and to use this to dress to impress.

Living in London also plays an influential part in how my wardrobe has changed. It is one of the fashion capitals of the world after all, and quite possibly one of the most interesting. What caused me to consider this topic is when flicking through a magazine recently, there was an article about London fashion. One designer was quoted saying it is more quirky than other fashion capitals, as it has given birth to some of the most historically momentous styles; one example being mod fashion. To put it simply, London fashion is unique. It is unique because it is so different: from person to person and from place to place. When in the Sloane area you can find girls stylishly dressed head to toe in Jack Wills, with perfect hair and make up, but then travel to Shoreditch and girls of the same age there will be dressing darker and bolder. As a student of the East End I am more biased to the (sometimes too) crazy and daring outfits you can find there, but these exemplify the daring and creative attitudes to fashion that I suppose is what makes designers admire London.

In other words, London is fantastic. There are so many markets to visit; for finding locally handmade gems among the Made in China usuals (which are still nice and often cheaper). There are pop up stores, cheap second hand and expensive vintage stores to explore. Like everywhere else, you find groups of people who dress boringly the same, but there is always the opportunity to shape, explore and reinvent your personal style so that it is a head-turning reflection of your unique personality.

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