Lesser Known Gems of London

I love reading travel posts about London, because it is my love and it's always fun to discover new places. Therefore I find it a bit irritating when people headline with "Places in London you MUST Visit" with all the obvious choices: The London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace etc. I think most people visiting London [...]

The Novo Cemetery – expired Polaroid film

Some universities boast a stunning lake, a church, or a library used as Dumbledore's office. At Queen Mary, University of London, we have a cemetery. It is actually interesting: it is a Grade II listed Jewish cemetery, and the east end of London is famous for its rich Jewish cultural heritage as well as its hipsters [...]

Columbia Road Flower Market

Sundays are sleepy days: less traffic on the roads; offices are empty; usually I'm snoozing until it's nearly noon. But certain streets that boast famous London markets are bustling with crowds, stalls and sellers shouting at the top of their voices. Today I visited Columbia Road Flower Market for the first time in my life. I [...]