21 things to achieve before I’m 21 (or at least, be on my way to achieving)


I turned 20 a month ago, and it only really hit me last night that I am actually in my twenties. What always seemed like a fun grown up thing to be, is actually reality. Whilst TV shows such as Friends and HIMYM lead you to think it’s all about hanging out constantly in bars/cafes and having quirky, interesting jobs (unless you’re Chandler), you already know it won’t be much different to when you’re 18. Still going to spend too much of the day in bed, still going to spend too much of the day on social media, and occasionally going to burn a microwavable dinner. Just hopefully, it’ll all be done with a little more money in the bank (jokes I live in London).

I am still in denial that adulthood doesn’t properly start until you’re 27, but there’s no denying turning 21 is a milestone, more so than 20. And I was thinking recently that there are things I should really strive towards achieving when my next birthday comes up. Because I am at the age now where we are all starting to get depressed about getting older. Although grey hairs and wrinkles are still a far off reality, we are already expecting them. So here is my list of 21 goals. I won’t aim to accomplish all but at least can be on my way towards doing so, meaning next year when jokes are made about me getting old, I can look back and think “well at least I made it relatively worthwhile”.

1. Graduate. Hopefully with a good degree classification. (a BA in English Literature if anyone’s interested).

2. Have an idea of what to do career wise. I’ll be graduating, this I feel should already be a thing. Do I want to pursue journalism, or publishing, or work for a charity such as Amnesty International? Or shall I just write a travel blog of the different teas of the world. Would need money for this. Maybe I should stick to doing a Masters. That also required money.

3. Get a nose piercing or dip dye my hair. I’ve been meaning to do both since I was 16, I’m just really lazy. Plus getting older will mean both will become less socially acceptable. Horrifying really.

4. Get the tattoo, or be saving up for it. I want a dragon tattoo, I shall get a dragon tattoo. Just petrified of telling my mum.

5. Bake a pie. I’m northern, this skill should be essential.

6. Go to a top London club but not on student night. Fabric or XOYO, it’ll be expensive, but oh so worth it.

7. Get a part time job, keep the part time job. Last year I worked as a zombie for Halloween. It was awesome, but brief. This year if I want to have fun, I should make the job last longer.

8. Improve my writing skills. I have just written an article for an online magazine, an article which I hate and do not want to submit to the editor. I may have been writing since I was a child, but I guess there’s always room for improvement.

9. Invest in a pair of heels. Even if its just wedges. I am nearly 6 foot and haven’t worn heels since my high school prom, but if I could strut my stuff and not fall over, I would over come my fear of those evil, pointy shoes.

10. Find an anti-frizz treatment that works. I have tried this all my life, so probably will never achieve. Currently have been using cider vinegar as part of my shower routine. It really stinks. Girls with naturally smooth hair are so lucky.

11. Practice and perfect the eyeliner flick. This is something I have never attempted. I am terrible at being feminine, but sixties siren here I come.

12. Become better at Polaroid photography. I am rubbish, but Polaroid film allows for such beautiful photos. Maybe then I would treat myself to a SX-70 camera… one can dream.

13. Get into a regular exercise routine. Hahahahaha good one Eleanor.

14. Improve my Spanish. I have been learning for a year. It’s going okay, but I’m very far from being fluent.

15. Drink whiskey without coke. Bourbon and coke go great together, but I’m sure every true whiskey lover would want to see me in hell when I add the soft drink to some scotch. Having it neat or on the rocks makes my lips go funny though…

16. Cut down on the fried chicken after a night out. It’s drunken deliciousness but it’s becoming a too regular occurrence.

17. Stop drunkenly bumming cigarettes off people. See above.

18. Learn how to edit this blog’s layout properly. I want to make it look super pretty but I don’t know how. The fact that my profile picture is sideways is not on purpose, that just happened somehow.

19. Be less shy. Something I have been told to do since high school. Maybe one day.

20. Take up playing instruments again. I was a keen(ish) violin and bass player once. Knowing how to play an instrument is an awesome skill.

21. Live in the same continent, maybe even country, as my boyfriend (or at least have it occurring soon). He lives in Brazil. Hopefully one day soon we’ll be drinking tea together every day. In person, not through Skype.

So that’s it. And as internet shall be my witness, I’ll accomplish about three of these.

6 thoughts on “21 things to achieve before I’m 21 (or at least, be on my way to achieving)

  1. I’m 22 and my eyes are starting to look creased! (And I wear sun block for the majority of the year 😦 ).
    Age is just a number. How far are you through it now?

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