Being Healthy in your 20s vs Being a Spoonie in your 20s

To be young, wild and free... Often a person is diagnosed with chronic illness when they are young, such as teens or twenties, aka in the "prime" of their life. This not only means you tend to be the youngest person in the doctor's waiting room by a generation or two, but it also means [...]

So I’m off to teach English in Spain…

After a couple of months of various Skype interviews and a billion applications, soon I will be heading to Burgos in the North of Spain to spend the academic year working as a teaching assistant at a local school. Excited? Very, there is probably no better way to increase my skill as a Spanish speaker. And a year abroad [...]

21 things to achieve before I’m 21 (or at least, be on my way to achieving)

I turned 20 a month ago, and it only really hit me last night that I am actually in my twenties. What always seemed like a fun grown up thing to be, is actually reality. Whilst TV shows such as Friends and HIMYM lead you to think it's all about hanging out constantly in bars/cafes and having [...]