The Kettle, Curitiba: Getting my tea ‘fix’ in Brazil


When thinking about Brazil, it is usually associated with images of sandy beaches, football glory, and coffee. Much of Brazil’s economy was generated from the vast quantity of coffee plantations, and it is the world’s largest producer of coffee (a third of all coffee comes from Brazil!)

As a quintessentially British lass, however, I am not a huge fan of coffee. Although I love the smell of coffee, and coffee flavored things (such as coffee cake), the beverage itself is usually too strong for my liking. Tea is my addiction, but in the land of coffee it is not the easiest addiction to indulge in. (Did I pack a box of Yorkshire Tea into my suitcase for my month visit to Curitiba? Yes, yes I did…). Luckily meu namorado understands all too well my addiction, and so when he spotted a little place called The Kettle – Chá Com Simpatia (tea with friendliness), he knew to take me there.

DSC_0684 DSC_0685

Inside it was surprisingly spacious, to say Brazilian’s aren’t a huge fan of tea. We were the first of a few customers to arrive whilst we were there, and so that combined with the gentle music playing in the background and comfy seating allowed us to instantly unwind. The interior decor was perfect for a tea place: pretty and cosy enough to “ahh” over, but not so twee I felt like I was in a grandparents’ living room. Also check out the ‘chandelier’…

DSC_0672 DSC_0673 DSC_0674

Best of all was the vast amount of tea’s to choose from. They also have other hot beverages to choose from, but the extensive list of teas meant I was spoiled for choice. Whilst they offered British classics like English Breakfast, Afternoon Tea, and Earl Grey; they also have plenty of other black teas, green teas, rooibos, fruit teas and even blended mixtures. I went for one of their ‘special’ teas: the ‘Ayurveda Kapha’ which contained ginger, cinnamon and chilli. Not for everyone’s taste, but I certainly liked it.

Now, I had travelled for around 30 hours to the land of coffee and was visiting a place for tea, so there was no harm in going that extra British mile, and ordering homemade scones from the menu.

THEY HAD SCONES. Amazing. 10/10. Their ‘homemade’ jam looked a little…non homemade, and the scones aren’t quite what we expect in Britian, but I didn’t care. I was in tatsebud heaven.


The namorado also ordered a delicious chocolatey German cake.


In terms of expense, The Kettle definitely falls into the ‘once in a blue moon’ treat, especially when comparing to other places in Curitiba for hot drinks and snacks. The tea felt very pricey for what you got, but the food seemed to be of better value for money. There’s lots of tea and tea-related gifts to buy, but that’s where it becomes really expensive.

However for a relaxed afternoon tea, and for the fact that there are many more amazing sounding teas to try, you are likely to find me there again. Especially if I need a scone fix.


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