Things I achieved before turning 21


Just under I year ago I wrote this post on things I intended to achieve before turning 21, and my hopes on achieving them all were not high. But I managed some!


I achieved a 2:1 in English Literature from Queen Mary, University of London. Of course it wasn’t easy- my final year was challenged by ongoing health problems that made it painful at times to even attempt leaving my bed, not to mention the whole three years were met with learning independence (sort of), emotional times, and all the wonderful/difficult life lessons university throws at you. And of course I’ve had some amazing adventures, met some brilliant people, and soaked up one of the best cities in the world without going into my overdraft!

Career Idea

Still not set in stone, but the more I think about it the more I realise how much working for human rights in some way would be my little way of trying to give something back to this crazy world. So fingers crossed!

Nose piercing

I finally did it, and can switch between a stud and a ring as the mood takes me. Not one family member was impressed…

Bake a Pie

Well, technically I looked over a friends shoulder as he did pretty much all the work. But it counts, and it was delicious.

Top London Club

This I ticked off, but truth is a can’t even remember which club…I think it was the Electric Brixton. I think that counts.

Improve my writing skills

I cringe less when I read previous posts, so that is progress!

Eyeliner Flick

Well I attempted it once successfully, other times not so successfully. Luckily if I’m wearing my glasses they help hide any wonky lines…

Polaroid Photograhy

Not to mention delving into the digital world! My new mission is to not leave film to expire so often…

Improve Spanish

I did another year of classes, and now I’m a CEFR level A2. Onwards and upwards…

Less Fried Chicken

Possibly only achieved because the final year of uni meant less nights out and more studying. I also had fried chicken Friday night/Saturday Morning…but the first one in quite a while!

Less Cigarettes

Due to ongoing health issues any sneaky drunk cigarette would mean my asthmatic lungs would punish me after, so it wasn’t hard learning to say no (or asking others to not let me have one).

Editing the Blog

It’s not slick and smooth, but I’m getting the hang of layouts.

And now I’m 21, I suppose an adult (of sorts), and awaiting a whole new set of challenges to be thrown at me. 12/21 goals achieved isn’t bad, although a lack of exercise routine and that I still haven’t braved a pair of heels is probably a little shameful…

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