Lesser Known Gems of London

I love reading travel posts about London, because it is my love and it’s always fun to discover new places. Therefore I find it a bit irritating when people headline with “Places in London you MUST Visit” with all the obvious choices: The London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace etc. I think most people visiting London are well aware of these places, so what about the lesser known attractions in London? The ones that make London the unique city it is as much as it’s famous landmarks. So I picked out a sample of my favourites:



Victoria Park: A place close to my heart and close to my home (for now), I wrote a previous post photographing the beautiful park. Although it is less known and less easily accessible than the likes of Hyde Park and Regent’s Park, it is hugely popular with local Londoners. A stunningly scenic place to walk or jog around, or perhaps go on a boat around the lake!


One New Change: Specifically, the top floor of this shopping centre near St. Paul’s Cathedral. I prefer to go up at sunset- you get some fantastic views of London without the hideous price tag of The Shard’s viewing platform for example. There is also a Spanish restaurant at the top- I’ve never been, but there’s plenty of space to enjoy the view without disturbing the customers.



Sarastro, Drury Lane: A Turkish restaurant in the heart of the West End that offers pre-theatre meals, it also boasts evenings of live classical or jazz performers to come and provide a great show within the restaurant itself. The food is amazing, and the interior decor is a cozy and colourful wonderland.


The Breakfast Club: A London based chain just expanding into Brighton, whilst there are lunch options the best thing to go for is the American-style brunch menu. All come with pop-culture names and a guaranteed food baby. When Halloumi Met Salad Wrap anyone? Or how about the classic Full Monty?



Two-Bit: The underdog (and formerly named UnderDog) of the Scottish craft beer brewery and bars named Brewdog can be found in the basement of their Shoreditch Bar. Whilst the main bar is your typical Brewdog lively atmosphere, and perfect for Shoreditch, the Two-Bit bar which opens later allows you to step back in time to an America under prohibition law. Except y’know, in 21st century London.


The London Cocktail Club: I’ve been to the one on Shaftesbury Avenue a handful of times. Cocktails are the modern city dwellers way of feeling very fancy indeed (until we drink too many), and The London Cocktail Club’s are inventive, unique, and one even comes in a toy pirate ship.

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