Reasons Why Yorkshire is Amazing

David Hockney The Road Across the Wolds, 1997 Oil on canvas 121 x 152 cm Private Collection Copyright David Hockney Photo credit: Steve Oliver
Local Artist David Hockney’s The Road Across the Wolds, 1997

If you’ve ever encountered somebody who’s from Yorkshire in Britain, you will probably realise we are incredibly, if not slightly overly, proud of our county. From our celebrities to the locals, and from its glorious countryside to the simply mention of it on TV, we adore everything that is Yorkshire. And trust me, it’s hard to not love.


I’ve spent 3 years living in London, and before I went so many people warned me about how rude Londoners are. Not (entirely) true, but certainly in Yorkshire people are more willing to strike up a friendly conversation, and you don’t feel alarmed when they do so.

Yorkshire Puddings

Made from a similar mix to pancakes, but best served with sausages and mash, or your roast dinner, and lashings of gravy. Truly a delicious food creation.


It’s beautiful, and why we fondly call Yorkshire ‘God’s own Country’. We have the Dales, and various moors – all are wild and breathtaking. If you need a breath of fresh air going on walks across the countryside can either be a pleasant day stroll or a rewarding hike, all with incredible views.

Market Towns

Beautiful and very British indeed – not to mention you can probably find a few bargains in the shops or when it is market day.


Friendliness always found in these, and great local ales are also usually available.

Down to Earth Spirit

We’re not pretentious, and often we’re pretty simple in saying what we feel. Yorkshire folk are genuine and will always do their best to make you feel welcome. Usually by offering you a drink of….


The beautiful Harrogate of North Yorkshire is home to the greatest tea of all: Yorkshire Tea. Not to mention we have many great tea rooms to be found anywhere, including the famous Betty’s.


The most famous example is the Bronte sisters, whose stories of madness, desire and revenge are key examples of Gothic literature. But Yorkshire writers have written a diverse range, a personal favourite of mine is the working-class writing. Plus Helen Fielding who created Bridget Jones is from Yorkshire.

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