So I’m off to teach English in Spain…

After a couple of months of various Skype interviews and a billion applications, soon I will be heading to Burgos in the North of Spain to spend the academic year working as a teaching assistant at a local school.

Excited? Very, there is probably no better way to increase my skill as a Spanish speaker. And a year abroad is often said to be one of the best experiences you can have when young, and teaching will probably only add to that. Plus, Burgos looks beautiful! It has a huge Gothic cathedral, snows in the winter (which the UK shamefully does not), and has a Book Museum. A Book Museum. And I am a English Literature Graduate. Yaaas.

Nervous? Oh yes, moving to a city I’ve never heard of before, and assisting children in learning English and not screwing it up sounds daunting. And will I enjoy Spain for 9 months? After all, a country can be great to visit, but experiencing it as a resident is a whole other story. I’m very used to the British way of life – overly polite and complaining about the weather, whereas the Spanish culture seems to be very laid back, and also they are much more blunt then us awkward British folk.

But I am itching to go. 2015 has been a turbulent year, and the idea of a new chapter in life, a total fresh start (albeit just for a year) sounds glorious. If you’ve ever seen the little cartoon strip – when life gives a person a cookie, only to kick them to the ground and take back the cookie – well, it’s been like that.

But onwards and upwards: after making the most of this coming year I hope to complete a masters in International Relations or Human Rights, and at some point in my life return to live in London. Gonna reach into the cookie jar of life again 😀

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