Burgos Landmarks

DSC_0271 (2)

The other day I walked all over the city centre with my camera, having fun as a shameless tourist. I took loads of photos, and so I decided that rather than one long post and expecting you lovely readers to sit patiently for all the photos to load, I would instead divide them into two differently themed posts.

So this one is very touristy in that it is of Burgos landmarks! There are many more to see and visit, so here are just a sample.

DSC_0260 (2)

First up we have two in one: The Arco de Santa Maria in the foreground with the cathedral behind.

DSC_0272 (2) DSC_0280 (2)

Further along the rive we have one of my favourite viewpoints of the city. Along a bridge with imposing figures, the foliage and again the cathedral in the background makes a very picturesque scene. I previously photographed this scene at sunset.

DSC_0281 (2) DSC_0285 (2)

DSC_0298 (2) DSC_0299 (2)

Crossing the bridge takes you to the Plaza Mio Cid, and the Estatua Del Cid depicts El Cid: an important local, historical, military figure. At the Plaza is also the Teatro Pricipal, and where many people catch their buses.

DSC_0307 (2) DSC_0311 (2)

Here are a couple of street photos. The waiter above at first I couldn’t tell if he was real or not! If you threw money into his bucket he would change to a different position. Staying so still in that position looked impossible!

DSC_0312 (2) DSC_0317 (2) DSC_0322 (2)  DSC_0327 (2)

The amazing cathedral! Every time I see it I cannot help but admire it, and I swear it becomes more beautiful with each glance.

DSC_0323 (2) DSC_0324 (2) DSC_0326 (2)

In a small plaza to the side of the cathedral is a fountain that was fun to snap at different angles.

DSC_0333 (2) DSC_0335 (2) DSC_0342 (2) DSC_0344 (2)

Behind the cathedral and up quite a lot of steps leads to the castillo, which I am yet to visit. However there is also a viewing point that allows you to observe all of the city from above.

DSC_0353 (2)

This is the Plaza Mayor with shops, cafes, restaurants, and where many people meet their friends and family. In the evening it can become very lively!

DSC_0383 (2) DSC_0388 (2) DSC_0398 (2) DSC_0401 (2)

And finally I returned to the Arco de Santa Maria to take some close up shots. The impressive design is great to examine in details.

I’m hoping people are feeling curious to visit beautiful Burgos!

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