Au revoir 2018

Time for my annual bit of self-indulgence - talking about my year and what I liked about it. It was quite a surreal year, personally. I completed a dream internship with the Green Party in the EU Parliament, which always seemed something only available to those with connections in the right places. Instead, they saw [...]

Burgos Landmarks

The other day I walked all over the city centre with my camera, having fun as a shameless tourist. I took loads of photos, and so I decided that rather than one long post and expecting you lovely readers to sit patiently for all the photos to load, I would instead divide them into two [...]

Columbia Road Flower Market

Sundays are sleepy days: less traffic on the roads; offices are empty; usually I'm snoozing until it's nearly noon. But certain streets that boast famous London markets are bustling with crowds, stalls and sellers shouting at the top of their voices. Today I visited Columbia Road Flower Market for the first time in my life. I [...]

India’s Rape Culture

Just A Small Town Girl...

Today it’s been exactly two years since the brutal gang rape of 23 year old physiotheraphy student Jyoti Singh on a bus in Delhi, a case which provoked outrage all over the world. Since then there have been a number of high profile sexual violence-related stories stemming from India, such as the rapes of the German and Danish tourists at the start of 2014. Flicking through the newspaper about a week ago I stumbled upon another story which stated that a 26 year old Indian woman had reportedly been raped on an Uber taxi journey. She was attacked by her driver in Delhi, leading to the international taxi-booking app being banned from usage in the entire state; North India and Delhi are fast becoming notorious for acts of sexual violence against women. Now I’ve written a pretty tame post on sexual discrimination against women in the past, ( but after recently learning that New…

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