Why I don’t quite feel like an adult

I’m pretty sure no adult ever really feels like an adult, we kind of just guess and stumble our way through life, keeping secret from the kids that we have no idea what we’re doing. Especially when we’re having to teach/fix/organize etc something for the kid… Just last year my dad said to me how he doesn’t know what he’s doing most of the time. Oddly comforting, knowing that one of the people who raised me and has guided me through life is also a bit like “what the hell am I doing…”


My lack of feeling like an adult I partly blame not being settled anywhere yet for being somewhat responsible. When I don’t plan on living anywhere for more than a year it’s hard to invest in adult things like decanters, slow cookers and spice racks (although I do really want a spice rack one day…) Half of my belongings are in boxes (and my dad has recently moved house so even more things are in boxes) on a permanent basis.


So here is a list of things that I regard as adult things, but are things I’m not very good at…


Owning a Clothes Horse

My laundry is current drying on clothes hangers in an open wardrobe. No joke, but hanging clothes this way actually helps with not ironing. Because that’s something else I don’t do… But one day I should really invest in one (as opposed to stealing flat mates as I have done in the past), because they are bloody useful things.


Spring Cleaning

I hate cleaning, I really do. I can understand why people love a spring clean, because it feels great to be in a fresh and clean room. The outcome is great, but the process is so boring I usually do it in halves. Start cleaning, then I get bored halfway through and usually distracted, so the rest has to wait.



Teenagers are supposed to sleep in til late, and adults are supposed to grow out of this. I have not as of yet, and I’m pretty sure I don’t function properly until 11am/noon. I expect if I have children one day, their early bird nature will force me to become a morning person, but until then I will sleep half the day away.



This is something I want to pick up, but haven’t gotten around to. I love cooking, that I can do, but the last time I baked was a Christmas cake my dad bought that came with all the ingredients pre-prepared in a box. Three years ago. Oo I also once baked a earl grey cake with a friend. Two years ago. I also currently have a packet of mug cake in the cupboard. Yes, the kind you make in the microwave.


Talking on the Phone

I’m pretty convinced this is something all adults hate. I will avoid it as much as possible (family and friends excluded). This also includes ignoring the phone when unknown numbers ring. Because it’s usually sales people anyway… But making appointments, ordering take-aways, customer service… always better if can be done online! Also in Spain when they call me and start speaking in Spanish I get confused and then they start yelling at me as though that’ll help me understand, then they hang up. It’s terrifying.


Asking my Dad for Advice

Before any decision like what job to take, what to do with one’s future, or whether it’s okay to cook chicken that’s been a few days opened in the fridge, I always ask my dad first. (I’m pretty sure most of my texts to him whilst I was at uni were “Is it okay to eat…?”) I could be 50, and he’ll be in his 80s and I’ll still be asking him for his opinion/approval/advice. So shout out to him for answering all my questions, both stupid and serious, with all the patience in the world.

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