Mindful Escapisms


When life can get you down, sometimes it’s a good idea to take the time to switch off from stress and worries. To reconnect with a happy state of mind and feel refreshed. Here are a few things I do when I’ve been sulking for too long and need to take a step back from feeling irritated. I’m not a yoga or meditating kinda person, so these are simple but effective things for anyone!

Property Shows

This is a weird one, but when I’m at my mums I find myself watching a lot of property shows. A Place in the Sun and Escape to the Country are great. TV shows like these I find are the best ones to switch off and escape with – no drama except whether a couple want open plan space or a large garden! Good to curl up with over lunch or a cuppa and think about which properties you would buy with your future infinite finances.

Little Tasks

These can be odd jobs around the house like cleaning a room or the washing up, or doing something productive (like me writing a post), but something that is not strenuous and easy to accomplish. The process will take your mind off things and having it complete afterwards will make you feel better about life.

Little Plans

Sometimes, to get through a bad day it’s a relief to have something planned later in the week, such as a meet up with friends. My mum always says “it’s nice to have something to look forward to”, and it makes sense. Looking forward to something helps keep you positive.

Future Plans

Even with little plans in the near future, it’s also good to think about long term and have bigger things to look forward to. Due to recent events I’ve had to forget my travel plans for this summer (boo), but there’s always next year (and now I’m looking at even more plans because who needs money).


If all else fails, take a nap. I always struggle with not napping too long and tend to wake up all groggy and feeling meh… but apparently 20 min naps or 60-90 min naps are the best, whereas 30 min naps are the worst.


Everybody deserves even just an hour where they put their phone away, and dedicate time to their self. Bathe, shower, face mask, hair mask, shave, try out new make up. Whatever will make you feeling like a million dollars, even if you have no plans top step outside that day.

Positive Vibes

And by this I mean switch on some music, and nothing depressing or dramatic (trust me, from a former My Chemical Romance fan, I’m aware when music just makes you feel mad at the world to no advantage to yourself). But on some feel good tunes and enjoy. I like listening to musicals (Rent, Cats or Avenue Q are pretty upbeat…mostly), or the earlier stuff of Green Day!

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