Places to Go: Current Travel Bucket List

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Nearly a year ago I wrote this post about travel destinations I am super keen to visit. I have visited zero of them (whoops), but they are still my top destinations I am determined to visit in my life. However some of these are still quite fanciful, due to money/time/difficulty to make the trip. So I also have a list of destinations that are a little more realistic in achieving sooner rather than later!

Nordic Countries

Specifically Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland. Y’know, the expensive ones… Whilst Iceland was on my previous list, the idea of travelling across all five countries gets my adrenaline pumping! Each country offers beautiful cities and absolutely stunning landscape to explore – the mixture of city streets and cafes combined with hikes into the wild promises an unforgettable trip I should say!


I have a friend who emigrated there last year with her family, and although I was saving up to try and visit this summer, life (aka health) got in the way and instead the only trips I’m doing are ones to the hospital for blood tests and the like. But less of the woe is me, I’m still hoping to one day get out there when I can trust myself on a long haul flight (and providing I find the right travel insurance). Canada sounds great: friendly, fun, and although I’ve visited the U.S.A many times it would be something special to see a whole other side to North America. Especially if I see a moose.


I’ve never visited Portugal, which I think is crazy. It seems to be often forgotten about in favour of Spain, but offers a whole new culture and history I’m sure is well worth exploring. I don’t know a lot about Lisbon, but to me it sounds like a great, modern European city: fun, hip and welcoming. I bet it’s the perfect travel destination for a long weekend of fun, culture and booze with friends!


Another European country I have never visited and am slightly cross with myself for that fact. My dad often says to me “You’ll like Berlin”, and after nearly 22 years of watching me grow to being nearly as tall as he is, I suppose he knows me quite well (not that I always listen to his advice). However even without having visited this city yet I can already see why: its story, its people, its vibe, and the fact that it is popular with the hipsters. I’m dying to check out actual German markets in actual Germany, so maybe a Christmas trip should be on the cards…

Elephant Sanctuary

Where? I haven’t decided yet, but reading up on spending a week volunteering in an Elephant Sanctuary in either Thailand or Sri Lanka sounds amazing. Even if it will be spent cleaning up their poo… From what I’ve read it sounds like the safer side of voluntourism – the kind that does help rather than hinder. I’ve had an obsession with elephants since I was little and this seems like the safest, kindest way to interact with the magnificent beasts and make my inner child (and outer child tbh) squeal with joy.


Any tips for any of these destinations? I would like to have a couple crossed off maybe this time next year, but realistically I’m looking at the next two/three years (plus I get easily distracted and this list WILL expand).

2 thoughts on “Places to Go: Current Travel Bucket List

  1. Iceland has been my favorite destination too especially after watching Secret Life of Walter Mitty..but the super expensive travel from my country has been an issue☹️
    Hope they come up with some schemes to boost tourism in their country

    1. That film is amazing! I loved it xD
      I read that they want to install more regulations for tourism due to rising popularity after Game of Thrones… in order to protect the natural attractions of Iceland as well as cash in on tourist interest. Which makes sense, hopefully they introduce that before anything becomes out of control! But it’s a shame it’s so expensive to travel to, I guess because it’s not a big player internationally compared to other countries… (although saying that my cousin is going for a week with his wife because it’s cheaper than going away in the UK…), hope you get there one day!!

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