Life with Lupus (as told by pictures off the internet)

I decided to write a Buzzfeed style article about having lupus. They are pretty great at creating funny but insightful posts about living with different illnesses, both physical and mental. They’ve covered chronic illnesses a lot, and it’s great being able to see people sharing the same pains also able to share the same humour. Still waiting for theirs specifically dedicated to lupus, so in the meantime here’s mine.

Because my favourite lesson from art in school was that art is all about stealing ideas. Not exactly 100% true, but useful when lacking in creativity.

Describing lupus like…


I actually stole this from this post, but it really made me laugh. Because yep, I sometimes find myself being too casual talking about my constant blood tests, list of medications, having a biopsy, dodgy organs and a couple of blood transfusions etc…

Actually having lupus like…


Slight exaggeration, but on bad days it feels like it.

Taking pills like…


When I was first diagnosed I was on over 20 pills a day, now it’s about 11. At first I hated having to take so many a day, now it’s second nature.

Getting through a whole day like…


It’s little, but it’s still an achievement.

Walking into doctor appointments like…


Remember me? Of course you do, it hasn’t been long. Please don’t dismiss anything I say as unimportant, chances are it’s bothering me. Please say it’s okay to reduce some medication dosages, that’s what I like to hear. And thank you for answering all my stupid questions without making me feel stupid, and know I have a hell of a lot of trust in you.

Doctors requesting blood tests like…


Although I know it’s all important and necessary, sometimes it feels like they request extra blood vials just for the hell of it.

Avoiding the sun like…


If the medical staff aren’t vampires, being anaemic and/or ultra sensitive to sunlight makes you feel like you’re one instead.

Having a moon face like…


This has knocked my self esteem to an all time low, thanks prednisone – you save my life but you don’t make it easy.

Hair falling out like…


Always having to casually brush away lots of strands of hair littering the place hoping people don’t notice…

But being grateful like…


I mean it’s not really, but it makes you appreciate life, what you can achieve, and being able to spend time with people more, whether it’s just hanging out or something bigger. It also helps you see just how caring your support group can be, and that you’d be a weeping mess without them ❤

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