My Daily Thoughts as a Spoonie

Today marks one year since the doctor confirmed that I have lupus. Happy anniversary to me! It’s had some ups and downs – A&E, multiple doctors, medicine increases and decreases, so many blood and urine tests, and countless colds.

But looking back, I’m so pleased things have gone well since my diagnosis. Things could be worse, they can always be worse. I have a fun life, amazing friends and a supportive family. I can laugh at lupus even when it annoys me.

Just for kicks, here are common thoughts I have regarding having an autoimmune disease:

Do I have to get up?

My bones hurt, how can bones feel pain?

Omneprazol before food…

I don’t feel like breakfast…

No Facebook, I don’t want to see photos of me before the prednisone

I used to hate those photos…look at my face now

You’d think after a while I wouldn’t choke whilst swallowing multiple pills at a time…

Urgh I want a nap

Argh, nearly forgot SPF

Should I bother with foundation, or rock the butterfly rash?

Do I have my keys?

What else do I need?

My right hip hurts again, is this normal now?

Did I take my meds?!?

Oh yes I did, they tasted horrible

Can I eat lunch yet?

*Taking notes* Did that really just take me 5 attempts to spell…

Is this brain fog, or am I just becoming stupid?

Oh my god what is that person’s name…

So proud of making a healthy lunch

I want coffee…

It’s been an hour since lunch, why am I hungry again?!

Need coffee…

Knee joints are hurting, need to stretch

I deserve a snack.

Want crisps. Can’t have crisps.

Need to remember to bring snacks with me. Carrots. Protein balls.

Need to make protein balls…

My stomach has become a bottomless pit

What shall I make for dinner?

Can it just be avo on toast? I’m sleepy…

Need to drink more water

Might actually fall asleep by 11…

Argh, nearly forgot my night meds

Why do I feel awake now?

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