Snapchatting a Spoonie Day

I’ve been back in the UK since Monday, and have been feeling pain in the chest since, which at first I thought were asthma related, but it felt similar to pericarditis (inflammation of the heart), so I went to the GP this morning.


Sending a random snapchat because I was sulking about being back in the doctor’s waiting room.


But then, to be on the safe side, the GP sent me to the ambulatory department of my nearest hospital to run some tests for inflammation and/or blood clots.


I decided to continue the snapchat story, partly because I was bored, by myself and attention seeking, but also so I could document glimpses of what an unexpected trip to the hospital could entail.


It was mainly waiting for tests – blood tests, EGC scan, and a chest x-ray


And a cafeteria bought lunch for the waiting room.


4 hours after my GP appointment I was free to go – nothing to worry about, they suspected the flight home may have triggered some pleurisy (inflammation of the lungs), but it should clear up in a few days.


Although it can feel a little strange, knowing I have pains and something not quite right, but the doctors don’t seem concerned anymore, it’s better than having something much more concerning. And now I am home, with TV, cups of tea, a bath, and cuddles with my dog planned for the rest of the day.

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