Berlin Street Art


Berlin is famous for it’s street art, and after the walking tour I took – it comes as little surprise.



The tour started at a hostel, and is free, so at the end you pay how much you want (or not at all). Our tour guide studied art and discovered a passion for street art which led to her move to Berlin. So safe to say she knew the topic.



With this, she could identify different street artists located in Berlin, and could tell us not only the meaning of each artwork, but the motivations behind each artist and how to identity their work.


She also taught us about the different methods of creating street art, and how it is done legally.


She also took us to different places in Berlin famous for pieces of street art, and encouraging this art form to develop and exist.


Walking tours are great way to learn about a city, and street art tours are so interesting! There are many in Berlin, and even the same company has different guides who take people to see their favourites, so you can go again and again and constantly learn.


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