Ghent, Belgium


May Day = Labour Day = No work day! With a random day off work and surprisingly no rain forecast, I used my Go Pass 10 to take a trip to Ghent, which is only around 40 minutes from Brussels by train.


Once you reach the city centre – it is as quaint and as pretty as you’d expect from Belgium. The canals and architecture are unmistakable, and people were enjoying the sun with beers.


Ghent is definitely worth a visit – it can be done in a day as I did, but it is the kind of place you need no rush to take in. Instead you can wander the streets, explore the public spaces, and search for decent fries, waffles etc. The important stuff y’know.


When strolling around aimlessly, I also cam across a little intriguing looking street. As you can probably tell, it was a street unlike any other in Ghent. Turns out, it is the “Graffiti Street”; an alleyway which is also an art gallery.


According to my research (I googled) – graffiti is banned in Ghent, but this place is so popular with tourists it is a safe place for street art. And looking at other photos, it also changes plenty so it is unlikely to be the same any visit.


A sustainable revolution sounds like my kinda thing…where do I sign up?


Happily I still remember things from a street art walking tour in Berlin, so I can recognise the different forms of street art – such as this stencil method which is quicker to put up.


And of course I had a waffle – with nutella which I don’t think can be beaten.


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