Embarrassing Spoonie Moments

Ain’t it fun being a spoonie? After juggling all the daily meds, doctor appointments, “normal” symptoms and worrying symptoms – sometimes it gives you an extra kick and you’re left feeling red faced. Eventually you learn to shrug these things off, even laugh at the slightly ridiculous things that can only come with being a spoonie.

Here is a small sample of possible red faced moments:

When the phlebotomist takes extra blood samples and you faint

When you get up from a chair and the pain from your joints makes you groan out loud

When you get a cute doctor who then proceeds to ask if you are suffering from diarrhoea

When the other customer in the pharmacy stare at your impressive collection of medication piling up

When you’re the youngest in a waiting room by a few decades so they become really curious about you

When you’re travelling, and your bag bursts open and your meds scatter across the ground

When you catch an illness that lasts and lasts and you can not stop coughing in meetings/quiet moments/when someone asks how you’re doing

When the brain fog hits and you cannot focus and screw something up, or just stare into space trying to remember

When the fatigue hits and you start falling asleep at your desk

When you have to carry your pee around, hiding in your bag, until you hand it to the nurse

When someone comments on your rosy cheeks, but it’s just your butterfly rash

7 thoughts on “Embarrassing Spoonie Moments

  1. I can totally relate. A couple of weeks ago I had a reallyyyyy hot doctor (think McSteamy hot) do a vaginal ultrasound on me. Ugh. So embarassing! Plus I hadn’t shaved in a while.

    1. Hahaha oh my! I joke with a friend that I should marry a rheumatologist…but I think discussing things like urine will quickly take the magic away…

  2. These are all spot on! Last week, when I went in for blood work, I said that either arm is okay because I have easy veins. The phlebotomist responded, “Oh, I know dear. We’ve only met each other 100 times this year.” 🤦‍♀️

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