Columbia Road Flower Market


Sundays are sleepy days: less traffic on the roads; offices are empty; usually I’m snoozing until it’s nearly noon. But certain streets that boast famous London markets are bustling with crowds, stalls and sellers shouting at the top of their voices. Today I visited Columbia Road Flower Market for the first time in my life. I expected beautiful ranges of flowers to choose from, because that much is obvious, but there were also vintage stalls and shops, food stalls that smelt amazing, and all kinds of arty shops whose home decor I dream of filling a place of my own with one day.

Because the flower stalls were so crowded, I didn’t take many photos of the flowers, so I snapped away at the ‘bonus’ sights:


Taking a photo of the street sign to be all urban and edgy, because it’s the East End. Grey British skies help with this look.


An offer I cannot refuse (tart= pastry dessert)



Columbia Road: flowers, bagels, and Hogwarts supplies.


Buskers everywhere


For Sale: A girl can dream….(of getting her licence to start with)



Quaint little sights in London

Finally I bought myself a bunch of ‘Dutch Roses’. My humble abode is a damp, cold, miserable place (yay for student digs) so I hope the pink/orange colouring will brighten up the place a little:


And now for some ‘artistic’ close ups:

015 016018 019

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