The Perks of being British

(Or living in Britain). If you think of a British person you may think of a upper class gentleman/lady who drinks afternoon tea, maybe someone who's a bit of a geezer, or a group of people stood queuing for no particular reason. Truth is we are all these things and so much more. We are quite [...]

Little Pick Me Ups

Everybody has days when things are a bit poo. Could be from waking up on the wrong side of the bed, or because life never seems to ease up on stress and hardships. I compiled a list of small and mundane, but pleasant things I adore and use to recharge the batteries. They won't change your life [...]

The Everyday Traveller: How travelling benefits your everyday life

It's not a little known fact that travelling is one of the best classes you can take at 'the university of life'. Not only does it give you priceless memories and experiences, but it can really help in skills such as making bookings, navigating strange airports and coach stations, your ability to cope with unexpected [...]