Little Pick Me Ups


Everybody has days when things are a bit poo. Could be from waking up on the wrong side of the bed, or because life never seems to ease up on stress and hardships. I compiled a list of small and mundane, but pleasant things I adore and use to recharge the batteries. They won’t change your life or save the world, but can come as a welcome (and cheap/free!) break from the hectic and crazy thing we call life.

Chai Lattes

I like lattes. I like tea. I like chai tea. And with a bit of cinnamon sprinkled on top it is my go-to drink when in a cafe. My university cafes even did different flavours- like green tea, mayo, peppermint. So when I’m down this is a definite pick me up. Usually bought after half an hour of attempted re-tail therapy before remembering I hate shopping.

Fried Egg Sandwich

Pick me ups are not meant to be healthy. For some reason scoffing one of these (and you have to eat quickly, it’s a v messy sandwich!), always makes me feel instantly better. And although it *may* clog up your arteries a bit, it won’t do as much damage or make you feel as heavy as, say, over estimating your Domino’s appetite- which I have done before. It’s like a light bite of indulgence.

Going Outside

Generally recommended for everyone to try once in a while. I always find escaping the stuffy indoors and feeling the fresh air and wind on your face helps make any situation calmer. As long as the weather is not too extreme to worsen your mood. Getting some vitamin d is also recommended for an improved state of mind, or going somewhere (safe) at night if the sky is clear and some stars can be spotted for some amateur astronomy.

Pet Cuddles

Cuddling any pet is good, but when it’s your own it’s even better. I have two dogs- one is an introvert like me and stiffens up when someone demands a cuddle (still likes to give friendly licks-whch I don’t do), but the other is a softy who never says no when I throw my arms around him.

Organising Something

Could be anything from meeting friends or travelling somewhere for a few days, getting around to not neglecting family. Or even just sorting out any academic/job/hobby related work that needs to be done. I guess when life might be a bit poo, seizing control of something manageable is one way to feel better about things that are less easy to control.

Get Stuck into a Book

Could be a new book, could be an old favourite. Reading is great brain exercise and having something to lose yourself into, plus the sense of accomplishment when the last page is read, is one way of taking your mind of things.

Comedy Sitcoms

A few of these helped my melted brain recover after each day slaving over university assignments. I even started to enjoy The Big Bang Theory, something I could never stand before. Like reading a book, its always good to escape reality for a while, and light hearted/completely daft comedy makes it even easier.

Cup of Tea

The British solution for everything. And it works.

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