The Perks of being British


(Or living in Britain).

If you think of a British person you may think of a upper class gentleman/lady who drinks afternoon tea, maybe someone who’s a bit of a geezer, or a group of people stood queuing for no particular reason. Truth is we are all these things and so much more. We are quite proud of our quirks and our tiny nation, so here are a few reasons why a British experience is a top notch experience:


The British wit has made its mark on comedy history, and has evolved up to and beyond the famous days of Monty Python. From films to TV, from writers to stand up comedians, we all love a sarcastic comment and taking the piss out of ourselves (and everyone else).


Some people think British cuisine is a little…unsophisticated and likely to cause a heart attack. They are right, but they are also wrong. We are ace at serving up classic, home comfort meals that are big plates of happiness. Pie and mash? Fish and chips? Stew and dumplings? I’m hungry…


One thing that makes me proud to be British is its multicultural heritage, and I hope this will continue to grow (I saw an advert for a bilingual nursery school in London recently, mandarin and english speaking, which is a brilliant idea). I believe we can only ever learn and learn some more from different cultures.


We’ve had a violent and greedy history as a nation, and as a result you can never run out of museums and historical sites to visit. We also know how to keep feuds going for waaaaaaaay too long, although these days it mainly involves retweeting jokes on twitter. War of the Roses was a bloody demand for the crown, nowadays the two English counties involved just like taking the piss out of each other.


Art, literature, theatre etc. We boast some of the greatest names in these fields, and although London is the main stage for shows and exhibitions, any major city will always have something to see. And our literature has altered and reinvented itself again and again for centuries- we’ve invented fantasy worlds, marvelled at the beauty of the real world, and also predicted the world will become a miserable dystopian nightmare. Brilliant.


Gritty dramas, heart warming comedies, documentaries and reality tv that takes the piss out of its guests, we’ve got a show to please everyone.

The City and the Country

In Britain living in a city means heaps of entertainment, but if you want to escape the noisy city life the beautiful countryside is practically on the back doorstep. I have loved living in London, I’m hardly ever stuck without something to do, but when I visit family I can appreciate drives out into the country. And I’m from Yorkshire, who’s natural beauty makes the locals boldly claim the county to be ‘God’s own country’. (Yes, really).


Although tea is a cultural establishment in other countries too, the British have perfected the art of knowing the right time to put the kettle on. Which is pretty much any time. A favourite writer and journalist of mine, Caitlin Moran, once wrote in her book ‘How to Be A Woman’ that “Nine times out of ten you’re not having a nervous breakdown…you just need a cup of tea and a biscuit”. And it’s true.

Night Life

The British seem to have a bit of a reputation for being party animals/raging alcoholics. Also braving all kinds of weather on a night out in very little clothing. It might not be for everyone, but we know how to have a great, memorable (or sometimes not) time for everyone from students out on a themed night to the middle aged blowing off some steam at the weekend.


One of the great British establishments. Particularly if you’re in the countryside, where you’re more likely to find a traditional one. Or one on a pub quiz night- expect laughs, free food, but maybe not to win..

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