A Few shots of East London

Using *just* expired film (my bad) the colours didn't develop fully, but to me it gives it a vintage, or even timeless, feel to the photo, which I always find to be a fun quality of using a Polaroid camera. (This one looks better in real life I swear, makes me think I need to find a [...]

Victoria Park, London

After a stressful Sunday morning of my phone suddenly dying on me and wondering how I could ever live without it, I decided to wander around Victoria Park in London to take photos and to relax. It has been forecast to snow later this week, and although it was biting cold there was something relaxing about [...]

Expired Polaroid Film

Gone are the days when Polaroid was a company that sold instant film and cameras. Since then, a group of previous Polaroid workers started their own company, The Impossible Project, and have been producing their own instant film for Polaroid cameras. They are life savers for instant film artists and amateurs. You are still able [...]

My First Polaroid

I have not taken many good Polaroid photos, but my first one is one of my favourites. Immediately after developing it looked like something recovered from 30 years ago, or as all photos are, something timeless that is forever in the past.