A little inspiration from Maya Angelou…

I was reading a lupus warrior’s blog (Luck Fupus), and in a post she talks about a tattoo she has that helps her overcome all struggles, including those caused by the unrelenting lupus. It’s a quote by one of my favourite poets and women, Maya Angelou:


I decided to find an image of the quote to save on my phone to look at whenever I’m feeling down, and whilst doing so I came across plenty of quotes by the great woman that seemed to fit with battling lupus in every day life.


Although Maya Angelou never battled lupus, she battled demons of her own, and demons battled by many people. She is an inspiration for all women, black women in particular, but as a writer her words can be taken by anyone and given their own unique meaning.


She inspires strength in everyone, in fact as I checked Facebook before writing this post, one of my closest friends had shared an interview with Maya Angelou who spoke of finding good in evil.


Lupus is no fun. When I told my personal tutor I have lupus his said “It’s quite trendy to have lupus these days”. I don’t agree. I mean, no one chooses to have lupus, and frankly the constant blood tests, urine tests, other tests when things go wrong, daily medication, side effects, and typical symptoms of lupus are anything but trendy. (Who wants to have a permanently red moon face? Scarred? Pale from avoiding sun? Joints like an elderly person? Breathing troubles? etc…) But as I tell myself when I want to throw a fit for having this limit placed on me when I’ve barely started adulthood – no one has it easy.


And ironically strength can be found when facing the hardest times. Actually let’s quote Dumbledore because why not: “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” I’m not happy I have lupus, but facing life with it makes me feel like I can achieve anything I work for. The trick is to learn to walk, even run, with the wolf.


So I will end with this quote for everyone:


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