Tips on Saving Money

I like to think I'm pretty good at saving. During my undergrad I was putting money aside to travel to Brazil a few times, and I was still saving a decent amount annually. This has really helped for this year, now I'm only studying and not working, and living off family help rather than a [...]

Weirdest Food I’ve Tried

Chicken Hearts A delicacy in Brazil, and popular at their barbecue restaurants. I won't say I particularly enjoyed it - the texture wasn't to my liking, but the smokey flavor it was given was pretty good. Snail Only a recent try, something I've avoided until a friend was eating them and offered them I was [...]

Women’s March, Barcelona

Cities across the world hosted these marches today to show solidarity with Washington's own march, now that Trump is president. Barcelona had a great atmosphere, despite the drizzle. Although some people may think it pointless to protest when Trump is legitimate, but to me and others democracy is not about voting once every few years [...]