A Personal 2016 in Review


Let’s not talk about 2016 in the general sense. I think most agree that 2016 was a disaster of a year in terms of politics and celebrity deaths (and lets not forget the horrors of Syria and refugees that are not close to being resolved).

I’m going to talk about my own 2016. Specifically the big events that defined my year,and what I’m grateful for happening.

Starting at IBEI

As it wasn’t for definite for me and my silly health until a couple of weeks before I flew out to Barcelona, being able to go and not have to do a pointless gap year meant everything to me – and I am so grateful to my doctors and family for being understanding, and for my immune system for now behaving. It’s been so interesting starting the course, Barcelona is an amazing city, and I’m having (too much?) fun.

Getting Diagnosed

Not great being diagnosed with lupus, but as it had taken a year and a half of near constant pain, fatigue, increasing breathing difficulties and slowly but surely feeling worse and worse – all this immediately improved after diagnosis and the right medication. I could finally understand why I felt like constant crap, and could explain to others that there was definitely something wrong with me and it wasn’t because of a lack of eating properly. The only way was up after this.


The ones I made have been amazing support systems, and I am so grateful to have them in my life. I hope they remain permanent friends, and there will be many more occasions of laughter, travel, and wine. The ones I’ve had it’s been great to reconnect and remember old times, and make new memories with.

Travelling around Spain

I knew so little of Spain before I moved to Burgos, but I took advantage of my free time and decent income to really experience all the different kinds of places Spain has to offer. There is so much more to see, and revisit, but this year was a great year for falling in love with the country.

Seeing Family

When you’re a teenager or still angsty adult you may not appreciate your family and what they do for you much, so one of the best things about growing up is realising your family (for most people) are the best people around (despite their flaws), and that when you’re not home all the time you want to seize as much time with them and cherish the time whilst you still can.

Seeing Maisie

Maisie is my older dog, a gentle natured 14 year old mongrel. She nearly had to be put down just before Christmas, but pulled through and has been her usual cheerful self over the holidays. We’ve had her since she was 8 months old so I was heartbroken to think she might pass away (even though she is old), so I was grateful to be able to see her at least one more time, maybe she’ll live a while longer yet.


And here’s hoping 2017 in general will be an improvement – but what will I be looking forward to?


And properly stepping out into the big wide world and finding a career – help! Although that is a scary thought, and I love being a student again, earning my degree in a subject I was very new to will be an achievement to show off about.


Health issues meant I had to forget my travel plans to new countries for last summer, plans I was super excited about. So maybe now my health is as good as I can hope for I can remake at least some of those plans, and get feeding my travel bug again! (Hopefully I won’t be too poor…)

Non Moon Face

I need to get over the steroid induced poofy face of mine, but I can’t deny it has knocked my confidence A LOT, (yah I’m vain), so I cannot wait until I can recognise my old, true, face in photos an the mirror again.


Feliz Año Nuevo!!

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